This summer hasn't been as busy as previous summers, but there have been a few events:

I had two pieces performed at the Music and Beyond festival here in Ottawa on July 11th: Maps of Europe from the piano piece The Light That Remains, performed by Order of Canada recipient Dr. Elaine Keillor; and In Paradisum, performed by the Capital Chamber Choir.

Over in Peterborough, Canoe Legends (an orchestral work incorporating a collaboration with Indigenous vocal/percussion ensemble Unity) received its second performance by the  Peterborough Symphony Orchestra at an outdoor festival on July 15th. Most of the funding for this piece came from an Ontario Arts Council grant. 

From July 31st to August 4th, I taught composition and harmony at uOSMA (University of Ottawa Summer Music Academy). At the grand concert the piano faculty performed my new piece for two pianos, eight hands, entitled The Happy Ending.

And there's one more concert coming up that I'm aware of: on August 27th, the Amarok Ensemble will perform my Piano Trio at Festival Pontiac Enchanté in Luskville QC. 

[Update - The Magnificat gets to go to all kinds of places that I will probably never see. It seems that the Western Washington University women's choir performed it in Estonia in June, while Javier Busto's choir, Aqua Lauda, has performed it a number of times in very nice-looking parts of Spain in the reasonably recent past.]