My Compositional Devices collection, created at the behest of the Royal Conservatory of Music, is now available on RCM's online Teacher Portal. The collection features a 16-part slideshow series entitled Music Composition from Micro to Macro outlining fundamental concepts, as well as lesson plans, worksheets, and diagrams that music teachers can use, accommodating both theory-based and discovery-based approaches to composing music. Not everything is online yet; I think the missing materials will show up over the next few weeks.

March 31-April 8: The Dawn is Not Distant - Cornell Chorus on their tour of Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, and Virginia. 

April 1: Three Cummings Settings - soprano Madeleine Lake at a recital in London ON

April 2: Cats & Patterns - Duo Rideau in Sherbrooke QC

April 7: Hopewell Cape - Toronto Symphony Orchestra in Toronto ON as part of the Canada Mosaic Project.

April 8: In Flanders Fields - Symphony of the Kootenays Choir at a choral and symphonic concert in Cranbrook BC entitled "A Vimy Ridge Memorial". 

April 9In Flanders Fields - Concordia Concert Choir in Edmonton AB

April 20: The Guppy and The Llama from Four Choral Critters - Camerata Isla (chamber choir at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi) in College Station TX 

April 20-23: In Flanders Fields -Cantus in Pennsylvania, New York, and Connecticut.